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sharing time

my husband jason took me out for dinner last night, and there was a buffet.  (before i carry on it is important that you know i went through a rough patch four months ago and since then i have lived everyday as if it was my last, so i make an effort to keep in contact with the people in my life, i try to do a good deed everyday and i am always open to try new experiences etc).  well when i saw the buffet, there was an urge in me to try everything i have not tasted.  we met an old couple at the restaurant and they were so deeply inlove, while i was busy at the buffet jason began chatting to the couple and invited them to our table.  i took abit longer than the others, and arrived at the table last.  the woman gave me a big hug as soon as i came to the table with two plates full of food (OOPPS) and she said "congrats my dear", i presumed jason told them we were a newly weds but when dessert time came the lady brought me two plates full of fruits and said "too much sugar is not good for the baby my dear, i think you should rather have some fruits"

i didn't have the heart to tell her that i wasn't pregnant (she was so excited and she started giving me advice), so instead i asked her how she figured out that i was and she said "a tiny girl like you having two plates of food, you must be eating for two"   LOL, alright i confess i generally have a good appetite.
hi there
  i am not good at these introductory thingie but here goes
my name is diana and i am 26.i am originally from mauritius but i have been residing in south africa for  about 10 years.  i live everyday as if it is my last mostly because i trully believe that inner happiness is the seed to success.  i am a newly wed and i recently moved to johannesburg so suffice to say that i don't have many friends here.  so i would love to chat to anybody who is around my age and shares a passion for life.
i have an acupuncture appointment on saturday, and i am terribly nervous, gosh i wonder if it will be sore?  the most awkward things tend to happen to me. the most recent a small bridge rolled over my toes on my honeymoon- suffice to say i could walk for 3 days. my hairdresser got some bad news while cutting my hair once and a second later my ear started bleeding and i sat on a cushion which was inserted with thorns by my 6 year old cousin.  except for the fact that i am always open to new things, i am not sure why i am actually going for the acupuncture, lol it can't be worst than sitting on thorns.

out of my routine

i recently got married and suffice to say i had to quit my job and move to johannesburg.  so i am currently looking for employment i am determined to find work soon.  well in the meantime i also plan to make the best of my time at home so i went for my routine morning swim and gym.  i would like to do something out of my routine, something exciting.  based on my budget i have three options go on a hot air ballon and see the sunrise, go for a lionel richie concert (i have never been to a live concert before) or go horse riding (i have tried before put my butt was sore for two days after that so i haven't tried since)  what do you think i should do?

hi there
i woke up with a smile this morning and thought about all the positive aspects of my life and the things i would still like to accomplish.  then it came to me, why not stop worring about the things i cannot change for just one day and just enjoy my blessings.  so i got out of bed, brushed my teeth, i did my yoga session, had a cup of green tea, i decided to take a swim and i had a shower.  my day wouldn't be complete without doing some shopping so i bought a couple of things that i didn't need but brought a smile to my face, i ended my day with a hot stone massage- it was great.  i plan to make a romantic dinner for my husband tonight and well.....

why don't we do this more often??



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